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Hello! I am Anna Necrania Hutton, commercial photographer, creative retoucher and an aspiring video maker. I was born in 1990 grew up in Czech republic and recently started living in America - currently residing in Chico, California and available to travel anywhere in Bay Area (and even further!)


Chico photographer Anna Necrania Hutton


Taking photos is for me one of the most freeing and amazing things in the world. The feeling when I am looking through the lens and capturing what I see is filling me with measureless happiness and gives me energy whenever I pick up the camera. When I am photographing or filming, the time seems like it has stopped - and in that moment it is just me and the pure essence of creation. 



I am here for YOU to capture your special moments! 


I have experience in delivering top-quality content using a variety of Adobe software with attention to details. 

I love teamwork, sharing ideas and I have excellent organizational skills.


Chico wedding photographer 

I have worked as a freelance photographer with models, music bands and magazines on high-end photography since 2011 and in international localization company Moravia IT as a Multimedia Specialist since 2013.