Chico Photography & Videography

Everything you wanted to know about working with me



When you contact me about a photoshoot, first thing I want to know is what kind of photography are you interested in. There is a wide range of styles. I focus on glamour shoots, pole dance/aerial hoop photos, tattoo models, couples, engagement sessions, scifi, fantasy shoots and band photos. I do arranged pre-wedding photos. I love to experiment so feel free to talk with me about all your ideas.


What to wear? Before every session I discuss with you what will you bring on the set. I like when we can choose from various clothes, accessories or costumes. It's better to bring more than to bring less. (Wigs, dresses, shoes, necklaces, boots, shirts, various tops.. you name it )


I can help you with your hair or makeup, or we can cooperate with hairstylists and makeup artists.


Having enough time to prepare for the photoshoot is a key thing, so dates are usually set 2-3 weeks from contacting me. Let me know if you want an indoor/outdoor/studio shooting.





I have very relaxed way of shooting, my main goal is that all people on the set feel comfortable and relaxed. Usually we laugh a lot during the shoots and the atmosphere is very friendly. I don’t like time limits with photoshoots, I rather focus on getting good photos. (I won’t let you go home until I feel we have enough good shots 😉 (kidding)




We look at all photos on the set and choose the ones you like the best. Every photo has its own number and we mark numbers of the photos you want for a further editing. You can change them later because you will get all unedited photos to look at in private folder with your own unique password you can access online from comfort of your home.





Final images are usually delivered in 2-3 weeks, depends on how many photos you want and how much post-processing they require. Also you can get faster delivery if you need that. 



You will get all photos in digital JPG or PNG format. Full sized for a print and small sizes for posting online (Facebook, Instagram…). I upload photos online and you will get link where to download them.



If you want to know more, message me and lets make some art!